Honey Fig Inspired Applications

Honey Fig Inspired Applications
Inspired Applications

Energized by this new creation, our team has showcased the Honey Fig Flavor in the following applications:

  • Greek yogurt                   • protein bar
  • rye whiskey                     • sweet jelly
  • biscotti                             • sparkling white tea

If you would like to sample our latest Flavor of the Quarter, Honey Fig, or specialty application, please contact your Synergy Flavors sales representative at (847) 487-1011 or send us a note on our Contact Us page.

Honey Fig - Pageblock

Honey Fig - Pageblock

What is a fig?

Many associate figs with the famous cookie bar. However, figs were one of the first fruits to be dried and stored by man. In fact, their existance as a culinary delicacy can be traced back to 9200 B.C., predating the domestication of wheat, barley and legumes. The fig may be the first known instance of agriculture. Full of delectable sweet notes, cooked figs were used as sweeteners in lieu of sugar in historical times — usage that still continues today. 

Presently there are more than one hundred fifty fig varieties, all ranging in various colors and textures. Some of the most popular varieties are Black Mission, Kadota, Calimyrna, Brown Turkey and Adriatic.  To read more >

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