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Maple Oak Inspiring Flavor | Synergy Flavors

Maple - Applications

Maple - Applications

Inspired Applications

Energized by this new creation, our team has showcased the Maple Flavor in the following applications:

• Truffles                     • Manhattan cocktail 

• Cold brew coffee      • Milkshake 

• Protein bar                • Caramels

If you would like to sample our latest Flavor of the Season, Maple, or specialty application, please contact your Synergy Flavors sales representative at (847) 487-1011 or send us a note through Contact Us




Maple is familiar, comforting and uniquely North American. The Early European settlers learned the art of sugaring from Native Americans, who first tapped maple trees and boiled the sap to make a sweetener. Intrigued by the growing interest in aged and oak cast spirits, we decided to add depth to our traditional maple flavor with all natural oak components. 

To read more about our Maple spiked with oak characteristics, click here. 

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